Soziologische Perspektiven auf die Corona-Krise –

Transkript: Megan O’Neill and Jonas Grutzpalk: How is Corona being perceived and described? The social impact of the virus on policing

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Bruno Portella
Hello and welcome to the latest episode of our podcast about sociological perspectives on the corona crisis.
My name is bruno patel and i am a student research assistant at the beach it.
Begin social science center and echos organizer of this teach to cooliecut.
Who made five twenty twenty one megan o'neill and yuno school spirit presented the research project with the title how is corona bean received anders crab the social impact of the virus on policing.
Words numbers figures signals the organize our every daylight.
Play carrie manning and support serving social orders by viento y sol the every day negotiation of social organization.
Weather systems of simon's cat is only questions instruments open representing so we can see things you can talk or smell.
A large part of all representations due with abstract concepts and also with subject invisible the naked man,
play study up the ladder and unmute much about the effects of linguistic representations.
Ask maria difficult to grass subject on our every day so practices.
Make a o'neill and yuno godspeed alone research project youngin one particular harbour table track,
the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,
learn specifically they ain't you investigate held sets of concerts numbers speakers and other linguistic tools,
which arrows aware receiving find during the current covid19 pandemic play rollin' everyday police practices.
Megan o'neill is readers at the university of danzig and scotland and associate director for the police community relations network at the scottish institute of bullysongs recent,
you got spirit
is it professor options salt and pepper utican sciences at the university of complied science's for bolier and public administration in north right west la in germany.
Enough without any further adult please enjoy megan news and yonas cold spot presentation.
Megan O'Neill
What are thinking came from on this topic steps from a variety of think so one of them being the approach of the police in the uk
no symptoms of england wales and scotland they adopted what was called the for eve approach are there still using it in effect.
From where the main websites about the forecast says were following the for east
so engage explain encourage and forrest first try to engage with someone explain how we think they're breaking the rules and encourage them to change the behavior to produce
the best public safety and health so in the uk the approached to controlling the spread the virus
it was better legislation for the police for cold into in force public health legislation which was very very new for the amazon shirt
any other countries and decision was taken to basement most of the enforcer most of the action of the police on talking so engaging explaining encouraging so talking is the main emphasis but
unicycle one drink what kind of an impact does this have on policing when what you're talking about invisible so
the virus is not something we can see with the naked eye and on the face of it a lot of the effects of the virus are also invisible in that especially if we have not personally had the virus or.
No someone who had about effect it doesn't really feel like anything is different and
policing all the places increasingly moving online it still a very much of face to face exercise so how did the police
change people's behavior how to the police manipulate people in two following the rules when it seems like the threat
is it possible that we can't really see it is not really there so far the tools we have for describing the virus are mathematical.
Mostly we talk about the rate of cases the red sox death race hospitalization we still active graph so she likes up tables at the moment uk
celebrating at the bottom of one of these curves
garza course that the cab that's not the case of all countries so we measure the effect of the virus numbers
what this means that it still remains quite intangible it's quiet apps tract and intervals what is and what we should do about it,
so what this means this effect we're speaking.
Will interpret in speak about understand the virus sofa slightly different ways are interpretation of the invisible agent this invisible a factor in will effect all of us slightly differently
end this can have a huge impact on policing so how did the police go about doing their jobs on their trying take
explain to people the effect the song that we can't see that everybody proceed slightly differently that takes different directions a different countries so it's is it was the challenge that we thought was quite interesting and we decided to think a bit more about.
Jonas Grutzpalk
Sound and set an atomic sound some help in the internet book series bruno major is of monsters think a lot topics and we're not going to talk about.
Just going to talk about every a tiny little bit but the interesting thing about the actor netflix series from perspective is.
Set we deactivate book series doesn't want to zoom we know that's that in sociological theory we talk about action social action and.
Theory of a lot of people intentions and things like that.
What donald trump and the internet book theory inside is that actually if you want to just look at what people do,
without zooming anything about the values about the intentions about anything we just receive a set of behavior receiver network of behaviors that and this is interesting park,
this echoes also between not only human actors but also between non-eu human active.
This is weather the spirit comes in because of course its not human active which makes us do a lot of things.
Add them so without this is my be quiet helpful to find refuge in the internet world series.
Try to understand the problem the police is actually facing through the lens of this afternoon book series.
Pause the the the most famous things of of the of this the series is that is not human actors or actors.
Set make actors do something so the idea behind that is that they are there they might be accept off.
Things for example that are there two chainz a pattern of behavior.
All two to interview with our routines and transform our action basically these actions can of course,
like this policemen over there you see who actually does something about the traffic and abba indicating who is allowed to go on and who is it supposed to stop.
Add make people stop all mixed people go on but we could also have this kind of which put it kind of bumper is actually cold sleeping policeman.
So this is a funny ideas intentional vibes bad days enactment a thing that has the same impact on behavior like in actually human being.
So so we have a social world which is going to eat guitars depicted by social house barbecue network theory which is made of human beings.
End sync.
Add this is very interesting end this a lot to go into buckwild with out stop here and just got to the idea that we had about that what is what happens if one of these act.
Is actually invisible this what megan is be talking about what does it invisible action actually do.
In accessibility add this is something that of course we made it particularly in religion.
I have you record from confusion so says it's funny isn't that we don't see spiritual beings are we see them with an hear them but unless they make us the duo strings.
Make a spirit for sales and arianna with richard stresses in europe.
Do something ritual this is this is a very interesting observation from the point of view from their of the internet with you because we have an impact.
We have an impact on our behavior by anoyd visible social active this is how we would regard that.
No the funny thing is the interesting thing would be to see how is.
How does this the invisible social active actually become a social active you know generations off of people have been.
Invite pestilence of things like that and they didn't know about the the actual activated know about this virus on the batteries that's so us something about us going on with which was completely around it.
Add window a lot more about this this virus but what is actually they you know that this statistical description and order.
According to what we see does not surprise to really make it a social activities motivate.
Add so this is what we are interested in how do police officers actually translate that thing into an accident in explain when they go country explaining.
Explain what is actually happening with this virus.
What is actually doing hot why do we have to change our attitudes habits what do i have to wear masks for example this is.
Could be interesting to find out more about this explaining side of the police job.
Megan O'Neill
Show some research has been done that does does demonstrate a link between the way virus is
explain the describe and resultant policy and that's activities so we have a quote from research,
by russian and college with a sad confronted with an external shark
national public authorities have great latitude and framing the the nature of the beast problem at steak and add a good post responses this let's policy makers to sometimes present the crisis is extreme as when they were,
when the response to covid19 was going to work fair
my son leaders such a hungry in france explicit rebuffed this expression of the voice of germany the definition of a situation has an exception does not only accurate at the symbolic level would i leader addresses the people but also on a legal
impractical basis so.
What was seeing that there is a relationship between the symbolic conception of what the virus is how i need to receive it and the resulted policy and then from the policy resultant actions in behaviors to the point is
the way that we talk matters that has an important effect in results activity so we have some examples here
i'm just briefly so some of these faces would be very similar to you so we have the president of brazil both sides now who describes the virus as a small cold i won't be stopped
play small cold macaroni and france who very much start a war and battlements we had the mayor of new york city talking about a freak train unstoppable feat lecrae that is coming towards us and then of course the prime minister of new zealand
what about a change transmission we are team working together as you maybe weird these countries
quick different approaches to the virus on how to address it and then resultant different levels of infection end transmission so different metaphors we can link different types of policies and resultant behaviors.
Jonas Grutzpalk
Play supply what we wanted to do with you now is so discussed the idea.
If we said that the days invisible action which is the virus which has a social impact.
End this social impact is very much.
Please because it's on the front line to explain by taking the people.
Is that india end of the line have to in four measures i'm so hot it if we took.
Add the virus is an invisible activity in the sense of the afternoon book theory and if we took police officers as those were to communique.
Socially this invisible active.
What could we do actually to do this kind of research how could be see that how could we make this visible how could be asked people how could be follow follow this this train off.
Add two to really fun something else we have seen that bass santana wish i had made quite interesting research about their the political ounces.
To covid19 on a different nation states and cindy.
Make output is basically the language that is being used by the political flashes leads to current political and legal measures.
So we have already hidden at what we might be looking at but still we went looking a police this i think this is something.
A bit more complicated as country unfollow them through the process at the moment we can't be completed because of coverage we can't be with their technology,
so this is from the methodological stand point this is also quite interesting basically what we wanna do is ask you,
what is all about the supremes if you were here to do this kind of research what would you do.
No call if you have a personal of money to support us please do this is the most important part.
Bruno Portella
Thank you very much jonas thank you very much megan this was a wonderful presentation on a quite interesting topic,
for one exception radical premarket understate and i collected some questions and i would like
choose start with the understanding question first radio abstract clean eyes the national research project
can you talk about different traditions of policing maybe from for someone who is not from the,
add police and research film which traditions would be the most interesting research in the sense or could you elaborate a bitch
can i uk what was the approaching dusk many if there was any.
Jonas Grutzpalk
Yes this device no specific product in germany that was not for.
I think we're january speaking the uk police is much better putting out this kind of of easy learning frasier united four years and things like that dram for this doesn't do that.
They very much have to one of my my students on my metering a training he said basically we enjoy we are armed lawyers.
Can i think this brings up very much forever the idea of you conception of a police officer germany's vermont that has his to deal with law.
Lol is bring lotto to a photo element and so he has to be trained very much in in legal thinking,
i think this is very much defrost the job polices taking so it's it's it's very abstract another way so i should.
Two two two answer your question beautiful eyes there is a huge difference on national levels.
On how please is actually historically founded so you will find the police which is farm or something like public administration with a gun.
Sometimes you have a i'm forces who do public administration and there's a lot.
Office story difference between these two thousand and so already from historical standpoint of off of how actually.
Please come into being and how they developed there's so many differences that i'm finished that the antlers will be extremely different from nation to nation even from city to city if we take the local police.
Which are there in some countries which dot existing germany.
Megan O'Neill
Get out i would agree interested just to add to that i think is also interesting comparisons to be made between,
countries like germany who have multiple police forces and countries like scotland for example that just one national police force and that's it please
which is the national body which help
develop the four u k in scotland consistant message across all the pretty horses where's other countries because it's multiple how,
enacting in force the resultant legislation so that i think would be interesting as well the extent to which which there's been a consistant message across
the country in terms of how the police should respond to the public health crisis.
Bruno Portella
This is a lot of material for the tick for the brother brothers contributions to the film right specialization from with this book of so many countries
you will have some challenges to go on the field because of the pandemics the feud research now
how do you this is also your question to us how to operation alize days are you create in philadelphia out of these of the radical i do you have
how do you imaginary going to be your greatest challenges in the next steps still going on filter research.
Megan O'Neill
I don't know it's it's really important question because i really we would like researches to be able to
go with police officers in observe them in their activities in listen as they talk in the communicate into also look at ozuna said the other active in this situation so please tools the radio countries were there,
open use the car so that we can gather from observation of the situation in how communication,
curt in that look in netflix location bot with this is extremely again
part of it will come down to different rules and different countries i'm searching terms of the uk this would not be permitted i'm sending up by university i would have no insurance whatsoever and they wouldn't be bad.
So assuming we can't natalie face to face observations what what are
add alternatives one might be a dairy message where we would get police officers to agree to be part of the project and then what keep i'm sad of a daily diary in terms of what they encounters are how they handled it what language the used
that's one possibility but you don't lose all of that physical contacts in the process of doing that,
so that was when i get that i had but i be open to other suggestions.
Bruno Portella
I collected more questions than suggestions to be honest participants we have on our website later and can.
Send some suggestions as well one another understanding questions to to.
Research is not familia risers from familiarize with the actor natural theory
explain transit little bit more with what was bruno mars means by step translation and magic station because translation is not what it means only in the linguistic dims.
Jonas Grutzpalk
Is it means a impact on the action basically very simple answer would be if you're going to leave my office and have to open the door.
So this is i have to do something with that thing over there so this is going to.
Change my pattern off of of moving if there was no doubt just got out.
Put this something to my to my attitude to my to my action.
Very simple things and of course,
add patricia something by the internet experience looks at because it of course translate in it translate into action if it's something new comes out of that because of the existence of key,
open this is very beautiful example in the description of the national series of the key from hotel.
Can i have the hotel key.
End call hotels have the song it's not this cars this this idea to put waits.
At the end of the keys end this way actually make you remember god with us live still up with keith and give it back to the call to the construction,
end song the dance translation of europe this thing makes you do something this is this is very much district station idea got it.
Bruno Portella
Afforded question regards
turn on the meters using as well for logic method understand from from michigan with love something like that do it media or discourse analysis for instance take a look at
delete for vacations are public statements also being portal search of information to complimentary respect.
Megan O'Neill
I think so that would be part of it would help frame the brother contacts and which the police are acting within any particular place for sir country.
Broader context i think we're quit interested in this how these
losing rules have been enacted on the ground and face to face and counters and their can be a lot of
variation in terms of how police officers do this depending on the circumstances and the people live encountered any potential basis they might have a they had a good night sleep you know that can be variety of things that that play in the world,
start a contact with a curse be important how that gets translated,
in the face to face and caloncho will always be a primary area pinterest me when i think that can't swim actually you're speaking earlier.
Potential for a diary message someplace forces also have body warren cameras body want video so.
Contact information that would bring in a bit more of the broadway contacts and put it is difficult.
Bring in the same room with someone i think it is well experience over this past year with everything moving on online and but yes we can try to think about some of the way to do that as well.
Jonas Grutzpalk
If i made in germany maple would be acoustic reports.
Indigo language so even if they would have talked about.
You know what day i think about the virus in the particles of costa dried inform their citizen about the his right and the problems independent and so we just extreme abstract terms legal terms.
We would not be sure that disturbed have actually been used in the real conversations so i think.
This is might be a particular to join problem but.
So i wouldn't trust too much their the reports actually five hours topic is concerned how is your how do you explain invisible thing.
End of course if you don't get any further with legal language will use other terms this is exactly what interested in this is what are these.
Bruno Portella
End coincidentally enough i think it's bruno a tour that says if you changed instrumental measure you're going to change the results the research on his studies on laboratory correct me if i'm wrong
we are sea change not only every other sexual society but also and social sciences and it in the end the message with wilderado research,
in how far do you guys think said
play changing the master changing the instruments now the results of your cross national research are going to be added difference from el chacal methods being used prior covid19.
Megan O'Neill
Will i think ultimately it's impossible to know what the differences would be,
but i have no doubt that would be differences in that the the notes i would take as an observer will never be the same as,
what my come from a person's diary or what might come from analyzing body one videos so that data is collected is by itself difference and their for the analysis of that will be slightly different and their mother will help
no effects let's not to say we couldn't learn a lot from those messages but yesterday if the instrument so different than what comes out of it will of course of sophie a bit different.
Jonas Grutzpalk
Continue as far as is looking at noon human actors is concerned think this is very i think the activity of really makes you look at the at noon human acoustic actors and actors.
In a different man i think this this would make a huge difference but of course its first is being in the field and is being a good night observer.
Does this look.
Bruno Portella
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