Soziologische Perspektiven auf die Corona-Krise –

Transkript: Talja Blokland, Daniela Krüger and Robert Vief: Talking it Through in the Street – How Berlin Residents Organize Social Support During COVID-19 Restrictions

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Florian Binder
Hello and welcome to the latest episode of our podcast about sociological perspectives on the corona crisis my name is florida.
I'm a student assistant at the beach berlin social science center and cold organizer of this digital clock film on march twenty four two thousand twenty one thalia blue bland robert beef and daniella clinton.
Lecture with the title talking it through indastreet how berlin residence organize social support during covid19 restrictions.
Is everyday life is right with challengers and how we find someone to talk to not a matter of only the strength of times how do you covid19 contact restrictions.
Change for haux face to face orbital means and where people organize social support.
Did people get more local and inwood oriental lives in berlin digital exchanges increase and important for talking to others about the most pressing challenges.
The presentation report original panel data collected before and after covid19 in four berlin neighborhoods.
The presentation of statistical results is followed by reflection on implications of death findings for the urban fabric of the city the blue bland is a professor of urban regional sociology at home button university berlin.
Research interests are in social series relational theory urban sociology.
I'm social policy within urban research for focus is on urban inequality and marginalization processes.
Play makin' it neighborhood change and cookies.
Is it research assistant at the chaos urban and regional sociology at the institute of social sciences at the humble university of berlin.
Add a doctor's student in the collaborative research center one thousand six five refrigeration of spaces,
also research assistant the chair of burbank regional sociology at the institute of social sciences at the homebody university of berlin and also doctors student in the collaborative research center one to six five,
refrigeration of spaces now without any further to please enjoy tiger blue bloods robert beef and daniela cougars lecture.
Talja Blokland
Thank you for this invitation to to spend hour
add two thousand and four all of you to spencer time i listening to a very first and analysis of a project today dog instrumental.
In the street is an attempt to make sense of some of our date of how burning residence organize themselves interns of social support during the covid19 restrictions what is going to end
do with you today is two two briefly talk about some of the day that are we connected in as part of the superposition spirit one hundred sixty five refrigeration space by martin o'donnell the devil within
add an additional set of data that we could
put collect thanks to the berlin university of lions last year i'm talking today but this is protected share with daniela kruger election circle three
let me start with very briefly sophie thoughts wavy project project is is from discussion in the social capital by two chainz where did the angels go
yes we include when is that social capitol always pennsylvania organizational context makeup abilities to access resources by future of my networks then pan on weather.
Having organizational settings in which i can talk and learn,
show artist what day need and also shoot share my own words and my own desires for things that i need to daughters the second part is that social capital has a speciality good manager social capital where we are,
second theoretical starting point instead movie talk to is not necessarily don't stay would talk to as maria smaller exploding is broke someone to talk to.
When does today in two thousand seventeen his show starts when we
imagine movie talk to when we have a problem with likely to say it's my boyfriend's back party partner of my mom yet impractical think about the four moment off moments by shaed something not with your mom
i want to worry.
So we talk to impractical is not really say in survey questions in the usual ways in which sauce serving questions have been asked in social capital letters.
Repeat where ask about what you talk to if you had a certain set of problems
search starting point is that this entire social capital letters church issues very specific notion social networks fertilizer people that you can name people that name generations can capture and what we want to do an hour studies also to look at the capability store has
organize live in terms of casual sociability people that you made meet over a beer and fuck but did you don't necessarily.
Add nobody name or or or african next week so two questions through their for today first is where do residence of berlin organize social support before,
enduring the first covid19 restrictions and the second is what happened when they see us
usual habitual interactions like going out for the drink on meeting in the cafe are not not possible
the recent projects starts from data collected as i said through the storm want to six five debut.
Add addition urban life in your coffee nineteen of last summer
refrigeration space project the road in my street we are the people in for neighborhoods that we selected in berlin on the basis of sex most this similar cases in a sample v. i. c.
Lets two people and ask them instead of questions regarding the social lives the social ratings and associates support with five hundred seventy four participants so we had to set up a group of people because we have planned to do also qualitative part we and ask them to give them
how to get a snack their details so we could.
Add physic them again instead of physics visiting visiting them again in five the temp to participate in an online survey that we logged into the coffee restrictions in the summer of two thousand twenty or right after
the first lockdown any addition to dance we
read me at one hundred ninety four people say second round participants who came to the.
Today today participated in the first round and then came to the website and filter the surface expended that with a random sample
add through the another day another dollar story so we have a nacho participation of three hundred eighty
i'm residents in two thousand twenty in the desert bit bigger project this which isn't unrepresentative sample of close to three thousand berlin everybody could go on the website and take part
so what did we ask when we get me ask him a set of geographer demographically things like the general discount standard things you're ask him a lot of residence yasper,
things about the living states like how many square meters in swan household competition
what is special about interested in what did people do in the city before the restrictions so far to go when the members of sports clubs did they go to yoga class today
go to a puppy deco dancing and how strongly did the misty activities,
damian's recipes science also as recipes meditation sings also size of interactions with people why not
the networks so i think of people like people that you speak to when you go to website young and the other festival
will you may have been there before regularly so you may speak to the same people on the time every time you go to the game.
Never seen this people i don't know questions interested in people that you may have never seen before.
The second thing that we interested in asking if the social support so from this idea miles small that
actually the way in which social support has always been us needs to be revised and instead of giving people a list of support and ask them better days
do i have any sings who dat boy us we start with
having people identify themselves what their challenge what their worry what their problem was then ask them multitouch to where you were talking.
Today's particula person when was the other person what mode of communication has been used
so what happened in to this network of support minutes to collect through the set of questions of what is your issue very very very networks between two thousand nineteen and twenty people do you have a problem
i need you have someone to turn to ten in two thousand nineteen seventy percent safe now in two thousand twenty sixteen percent.
The average number of supportive ties that people mentioned also dropped and she said it she can see the grass,
number of interactions the sheriff the interactions to cheryl all the interactions that was face to face went down from eighty percent to about fifty two,
face to face weather begin only a little more likely at home forty nine percent of two thousand nineteen and fifty-one in two thousand.
Show people
continue to go out how taking you what communications the used in two thousand nineteen eighty,
when coma six percent of the people that did not see each other face to face used to telephone to communicate did you see,
end the bluegrass.
Begin two thousand twenty decision changed wish pecola form for less than we did in two ninety in two thousand nineteen as proportion of all our digital communications.
Make it more interesting donde estas more yellow graph where we see that in two thousand nineteen most people communicated digitally.
Did sweet home seventy five point sixty seven percent in two thousand twenty.
Redo digital stuff outside for the majority of a digital communications in this for neighbors in berlin.
Show simsbury talking about springs truman the street
what is practice to replace meetings with others that used to be outside of the home in bars cafes in spaces what people known to each other would have given getter it seems seems that their replacing this not by sitting at home and doing that digital communication
what victory lap leaving the house in la house and talk awhile walk so people strong before.
And support before and after coffee so people who still set they had someone to talk to cynthia have ties that,
no i said make coming from a contacts let me be sad social capitol has an organizational contacts that can be lifted out of the contacts and don't someplace else.
Put what about the sixty percent the people that sounds they have no one to talk to.
Set do have issues the buttertones since the governor nineteen restrictions.
Reduce the logistic regression asuran say by robert delong district regression to find out for boom kitty lacking social support really matter regression shows.
You see the bottom ratio here for the effects nbc from this and that.
What genre hp migration history or not german citizenship income and living.
Is the size of your lips in space mountain man like people people with my grandson history or no german citizenship lower income.
Enter and living in twenty percent in the smallest twenty percent of residente presidential spaces
increase the likelihood did you have no one to talk to another covid19 restrictions.
I'm going to jump and make a connection to how distance this party about the social relationships of people is related
today's part where do people go doing things in the city and we have a very brief presentation today i can only tell you that effect quick she would bars and pups.
I'm complex spotify sports facilities like the basketball ground or order the football games that genre hdmi creation history and small living space year meter again.
When you get my question history live in smoke places are for example more likely to use those basketball court.
Am i very preliminary on the line system shows that people places where people talk to strangers and meet others remember that i said in the beginning that this friday two things why these,
please people do things in the city interstatus places where people talk to strangers emmet otters significantly more likely to be missed.
So how is the stand connected to looking support.
Record is a losing her banality right monday close to the basketball court or or coat close to pubs in cafe.
I'm dancing places mobile that's a losing with their vanity does not matter too some more than artist is done only in america
add statistically not so sophisticated america but it's an interesting finding dad from the people who have no support as a sixteen percent recent they have no one to talk to even though they had an issue.
Almost always talk with strangers when they went to the sports grounds.
Before the look down for twenty five percent people have more than strong's more than average support in our questions to moon to you talk to if you have an issue.
Unless often talking to strangers on the sports grams you see the president boston pops orchestra makes no difference
this is more strongly because of the differences bigger than you look at the how often people meet the same people at those places like a setting the beginning i can go somewhere where i am
talk to people a communicate with people who are only meet at this particular slides and we're not in my address book.
Let me see the boston pops and sports and sports ground function more like places.
What is happened for people have no supported tied down look for people who have more than the average support of those.
Conclude from this
is there we think that the government restrictions curb people support networks in different ways apparently live seen this in the regression for man down,
delete my grandson needs to be in people's loyally come for those who continue to find support show you freak flag
did the seems to be a white
social capital kings be moved through one contacts two another contacts under cover nineteen restrictions but their very particular social times
show me
this can happen namely dot social ties that bind usually measure strong and weekly in context of network research examples of bars and melody ever show.
Use of the city is not the same
show all the happy children country take place their mayans me more for somo the others and what i mean by guts that seems the descent jazz that we have
no support awesome more likely to report habitual encounters urban size in the city that is,
interfered analyze this a shows that that is a this is robyn bush a strong finding casual sociability.
That profile song sort of organizing social life for a part of you population cannot be replaced by digital communication.
That's references anything for you tinashe.
Florian Binder
Thank you very much and i am waiting she waiting for some more questions in the chat i'm gonna jump right into the discussion and.
Ask stressed how because people still meet more face to face they them digitally so what i would like.
How did they justified this meeting in person meeting face to face even under corona restrictions and weather differences between the
phone neighborhood study districts between united city areas and alex rose and eastern west.
Robert Vief
I need first we don't know the justification movie did ask about the justifications what can i say something about like.
Why did you do that very important share of the people that you still talk face to face to our own household members so that's completely video but yeah i mean,
add up hurts also and i don't need the exact numbers in my mind right now but i still people that you meet face to face also.
Indoors most likely
can see an hour data that of course we have a storm shift from face to face to digital communication by chief is not ready as you want maybe i think it might be after the restriction soul.
People adepts more slowly to the restriction steps in general politics.
Would like to watch my baby the answer and
how about the neighbors specific questions we don't much difference between east and west debut between the outskirts and the university neighborhood face to face colours in the sky
i have a very different social status an hour and example but not the easiest.
Florian Binder
Set it free come back to this change in communication and what does this change mean for generalized trust which depends on contacts to strangers and public.
Talja Blokland
Add this is next question we have to question of general stressed in the date and we having look today yet.
Show we are both the question of general astros as ballad stressing neighbors and beyonce i have a question so questions on support for
add covid19 regulations lake do you think people in your own neighborhood i want likely to stick to the frost so doesn't whole lot of things that we that replanted without an end as one of the question and answer.
Florian Binder
How how do you think will be on going extensions of lockdown effect people are already like lonely already have no support so i don't usually reinforcing effects.
Where every lockdown leads to less people to talk it through even less object more often digitally.
Daniela Krüger
Well i guess that's definitely difficult answer i missed calls.
Pause people find more alternative like.
Turn on walks finding people online like on platforms or whatever yeah could also reinforce.
The effects unlonely.
Currently a lot of public scholarships also look at this question of lumineers mental health well-being closely and yahir dead faces actually increase that.
In comparison into the first lockdown people are like more likely to be effect.
Did not in terms of health and well being now in the second knockdown still could be an effect of having a.
Socialized weekly stephanie something that would be interesting follow up with us city.
Talja Blokland
Can i add a sentence to the because i think that the point is awesome besides dad teresa doesn't elementary will be trying to say that
ways in which we think about trice so yes social times,
hey portal go to the part of your world drinkin',
make this is still
shuffle tasks can be continued medicine start the sixteen percent i have no social support is also more likely to have a different type
off of social times name untitled social ties that bind don't come easy biggest and so difficult in survey work to do find
what are actually rushmore meadows of brief encounters mozart group based dinner look at vegetarian house.
Oops of young man h support it's love destry graphic by disney studio chorus that.
Do not call on the phone to talk about issues stick out hang around in the baseball card order
off of exchanging disconnect things i never tried to capture and we have to go to date and more more carefully is is this fucking of support,
are people were looking this support also people win their daily routine activities india urban infrastructure simply haven't out of away sharing have you started too
did evalyn develop this in early buckcherry.
Unique city where we looked at to maze which
add frank sample a group of of a turkey young and crazy background.
Can i use crumb how did you love function to shape side for communication that i will have underwear sophie arguments otherwise today the argument this thursday specific form of social capitol or access to resources or capabilities
that is not.
What date did you cannot take from one contacts to another contacts and can cannot be digitally and something we haven't talked about.
I don't want the presentation is the quality of part of the afters research where we interviewed social workers teachers and a bunch of other people
that work with you and add people in disadvantage situations to see how dare working practice is effect.
Did they cannot reach people because this communication strongest stretches of digital current location is not is not part of what they do.
Florian Binder
Maybe adding to the habit is because you mentioned in
the presentation that covid19 restrictions cups support especially for people who
would like to know what was the effect if if if you measure that i don't know effect school children and,
teenagers in comparison to adult especially with regard to school clothes with i would imagine is taking away a lot of
the network what you normally go to for support.
Robert Vief
You can be really quick with this answer because we didn't include in school children and teenagers an hour strawberry eighteen or sorry about that.
Talja Blokland
What did my my son details amazon projecting is calling collect united fifty foot fifty service in his school deserve it based on on what we did you see their dads sample to use of social media has a negative effects on how girls
add experience does the covid19 restrictions but a positive effect on how boys doesn't workin on it workin on it.
Florian Binder
Send message to hear the results i'm not a question which.
Is not so much about something i said in the presidential more about something that you posted on your blood will you report.
The results because i wanted to know if you further investigated you're high post assistant public provide opportunities for anonymity.
Set the whole does it did not for belinda staring lock down in this case and if you did walk away you findings.
Daniela Krüger
I'm sorry we have not yet low edit further but it's.
I want to protect that we would like to work on.
Soonish we we will look at an expensive el diablo sad.
Turn off completely other team and tell that impacted i'm fine simple feelings off of wellbeing and i am using that this is related to.
Will you have an update on public familiarity so the the oven routine set people have that people developed
theres something special surrounding and the neighborhood and a weekend and we would like to link this to him to the wizard.
Turn likelihood to go outside and in order to share,
problems on the phone but we have no idea located.
Florian Binder
Will i would like to ask one last question which might be.
Which country has a bit more expensive india first.
Major publication in may two thousand twenty that we must.
Add this situation.
Digital communication and lock down in august restrictions.
Become a new habitation and then just because we need to do it.
This is not mean does this album not make it right so if you're.
Yes hurt people after almost love knockdowns and shutdown.
What two new normal and maybe also future normal.
Talja Blokland
I'm i'm i'm i'm starting at forty two.
Black books 's big white letters and red function it so i don't know i know people do this sings duet every day.
I'm not i'm not as busy as soon as we can stop doing this entrapped
i think it's a very weird way you of communication and odessa personal
i don't mean maybe robert anthony i wanna say something but a product predator appeal that we made that should not be do not don't don't the new normal is is confirmed for me in this raymond foot fungus right now
what is statistics is the new normal is not my pizza cake.
Florian Binder
That was the last chopin tiger blue bloods ruben beef and annita krueger gave is part of our digit.
Record two thousand and twenty one we hope you were able to take away some new insides if you're into.
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