Talja Blokland, Daniela Krüger and Robert Vief: Talking it Through in the Street – How Berlin Residents Organize Social Support During COVID-19 Restrictions

In their lecture from March 24, 2021, Talja Blokland and her team presented results from their panel data collected before and after COVID-19 in four Berlin neighborhoods. The presentation was followed by a reflection on implications of their findings for the urban fabric of the city.

As everyday life is rife with challenges and how we find someone to talk to not a matter of only the strength of ties, how do COVID-19 contact restrictions change for how (face-to-face or by digital means) and where people organized social support? Did people let more local and in-ward oriented lives in Berlin? Did digital exchanges increase in importance for talking to others about the most pressing challenges?

Talja Blokland is an urban sociologist  and professor for urban sociology at the Humboldt University Berlin.

Daniela Krüger and Robert Vief are research assistants in the unit „urban sociology“ at the Humboldt University Berlin.


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